Our Therapy Services

Our Therapy Services

Building resilience in recovery, one session at a time

There are many different approaches to therapy. Most people have the idea that all therapy looks like what they see depicted on shows, or even what they have experienced for generalized conditions. But KCSARC's approach is unique and specific to addressing trauma.

KCSARC therapists specialize in trauma-focused, evidence-based practices that are proven effective in helping survivors of sexual assault heal, typically in just 12-16 sessions. Individual therapy is available to children, teens and adults, along with group therapy for adult survivors of child sexual abuse.

Sphie, a former KCSARC client and Speakers Bureau Member, said KCSARC’s therapy service was one of the most transformative experiences of her life.

She experienced debilitating effects following her assault that left her wondering if she would ever feel normal again. As a musician, she found she couldn’t sing anymore and stopped performing live.

Today, Sphie said therapy allowed her to move forward with her dreams again and enabled her to feel brave enough to address some childhood experiences as well.

Sphie reports she now has the ability to move forward with confidence knowing she can heal.

The most commonly treated symptoms following a sexual assault are PTSD, anxiety and depression. Our therapy services aim to reduce, if not completely eliminate, those symptoms.

For example, 80% of clients with post-traumatic stress disorder made significant changes after participating in therapy at KCSARC. Among these clients, 70% who exited therapy no longer met the criteria for PTSD.

“The type of therapy we practice is trauma-focused,” Eiff said. “It is not the “forever therapy” where clients are in it for years — there is a lot of research behind these treatment methods, and they really work.”

Healing is possible, even during a pandemic

“As you can imagine, the experience of the pandemic has re-shaped our work in different ways,” Eiff said. “We have had to adapt to a new reality since mid-March; among the changes we made is offering all of our therapy services via telehealth.”

Research shows trauma-focused, evidence-based therapy is equally effective when provided via telehealth.

The transition from in-person sessions to telehealth was seamless. It has also proven to alleviate some common challenges for clients, such as transportation to in-person sessions and securing childcare to arrive to appointments on time.

“This is our new normal and it may still be for quite a while, but we’re solid as a team and, as a nonprofit, we are supported by the community, so we feel like we can do this and we can do it well.

If you have experienced sexual assault and need support, or if you would like more information, call KCSARC's 24-hour Resource Line at 888.998.6423.