No on 1515 – Decline to Sign

No on 1515 – Decline to Sign

Prevention, safety, and freedom from sexual assault are the center of KCSARC’s vision and mission. 

Because of that, you would be forgiven for thinking we would support an initiative proposing to make public restrooms safer. After all, that’s what the proponents of 1515 are saying; that transgender individuals threaten women and children in public restrooms. I want to take this opportunity to set the record straight.   

There is no basis for the claim that transgender people make public restrooms unsafe. 

For the past 10 years, the law in Washington, as well as 17 other states and 200 cities across the country, has allowed transgender individuals to use the public restroom that is consistent with their identity, not their birth certificate. According to the Washington Safety & Access for Everyone Alliance there has been no increase in public safety incidents related to these laws. 

We do know that transgender individuals are particularly vulnerable to assault and physical attacks. The National LGBTQ Alliance report on transgender discrimination states that 65% of their respondents indicate that they have experienced sexual assault.

The concern about physical safety is real; forcing transgender individuals into restrooms based on their birth certificate rather than their identity puts them at a higher risk of sexual assault and physical violence.

KCSARC is joining like-minded individuals and organizations across the country to say:

  • Sexual assault and violence are very real.

  • Allowing transgender individuals to use the restroom consistent with their identity has not shown to result in increased in sexual assaults.

  • Transgender individuals do have a high rate of victimization and forcing them into a location which poses high risks will increase their risk of sexual assault and violence.

  • 1515 will increase rather than decrease potential for sexual assault and other violence

Decline to sign this initiative.

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