It CAN be done!

It CAN be done!

“It can’t be done!” How many times have those words been spoken and a dream halted? How many times have you looked a naysayer square in the eye and stated “I will find a way?" It is a challenge like this that motivates me to think differently; to lose sleep; to dig my heels in and prove them wrong. I’m not defiant, I’m really not. But I have the determination of a bulldog! And that is how Project360 was born.

At KCSARC, we are experts in providing services to victims of sexual assault. We utilize best practices, grounded in research, to deliver a full range of services. We have worked hard to deliver services that are accessible to all clients. However, time and time again, I heard that survivors who participate in trauma specific therapy must have a high degree of stability in their lives because the work is so difficult. On the surface it made some sense, so I accepted it. But, upon closer inspection, it is also true that unresolved trauma often leads to issues of instability related to concentration, mood, anxiety, and thinking, which in turn impact one’s job, education, relationships and quality of life. So, how could we do both: work with stabilizing the external environment AND work to stabilize the internal issues? Three years ago we began a partnership with YouthCare to provide intensive, targeted case management in conjunction with trauma-specific therapy to homeless and at-risk youth. They responded to this pairing with clinical outcomes for decreasing and/or eliminating post traumatic stress symptoms that were nearly equal to those who did not have the additional challenges of homelessness.  With this success, we took this model and expanded it to create a more comprehensive and full circle support network with Project360.

This month, KCSARC is officially launching Project360. This is an exciting project funded through the Department of Justice’s Office of Violence Against Women, allowing us to partner with other youth serving agencies to increase the service and capacity for the betterment of youth in Seattle and on the Eastside. Here is a peek at what will be offered to homeless and at-risk youth ages 13-24:

-- We will continue offering trauma-specific therapy combined with case management in Seattle at the Orion Center, and expand this reach to the Eastside at Friends of Youth in Redmond.

-- The project will facilitate ongoing youth prevention groups at both YouthCare and Friends of Youth, with the goals of developing youth leadership around sexual assault prevention and engaging youth in providing feedback, guidance and outreach assistance.

-- We will increase access to effective sexual assault specific legal advocacy for youth victims. A KCSARC Legal Advocate will be available to meet with youth onsite at YouthCare and Friends of Youth.

-- One-on-one individualized and group parent education sessions will work to increase knowledge and awareness of youth issues related to sexual assault.

And finally, Project360 will create multi-disciplinary teams comprised of school personnel (Riverview Learning Center and the Interagency Academy), YouthCare, Friends of Youth, and law enforcement to focus on improving collaboration between systems to better serve youth at risk for homelessness and sexual assault.

It CAN be done! Get your heels on and dig in with us, we value your support and encouragement. This is a big undertaking that will need continued funding and resources to make a success. We are excited to share stories with you along the way.

Partners on Project360 include: YouthCare, Friends of Youth, Redmond Police Department, Interagency Academy/Seattle School District, Riverview Learning Center/Riverview School District

Consultant: The NW Network of Bisexual, Trans, Lesbian and Gay Survivors of Abuse


It CAN be done! | King County Sexual Assault Resource Center

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