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Keeping Faith Communities Safe

For the past eleven years, KCSARC has convened knowledgeable professionals representing sex offender management, victim advocacy, and faith communities. This multidisciplinary team advocated for effective and practical policies to keep faith communities safe. Clergy and lay members were encouraged to actively monitor sex offenders in their faith communities. Annual Symposiums and meetings brought people together to face the challenge of sex offenders returning to communities and to develop tools for accountability. Many of these tools are in daily use by communities throughout our region and are available below:

Resources for Faith Communities:

“Safety Starts Here” PowerPoint: This tool provides faith community leaders with a presentation that provides information in three main areas: a brief overview on the prevention of sexual assault, how to train staff and/or parents about community safety, and strategies to keep sex offenders accountable in a faith community. (ppt) (pdf)

"Bridging the Gap: Creating Partnerships to Reduce Sexual Victimization" Symposium PowerPoint (ppt) (pdf)

Accountability in Action (doc) (pdf)

Adult Responsibility (doc) (pdf)

Child and Youth Safety Policy Example (doc) (pdf)

Organizational Assessment (doc) (pdf)

Red Flag Indicators for Kids in Crisis (doc) (pdf)

Website Resources for Faith Communities (doc) (pdf)