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Want to raise your voice to make a change in your community?

KCSARC offers former clients a variety of opportunities for personal and professional development — and the chance to SPEAK OUT against sexual assault and abuse in meaningful, change-making ways.

Individual and group coaching and support is available to help prepare you to educate and advocate for change in the way survivors are seen, heard and treated. Speakers Bureau members have the opportunity to work with and learn from peers and KCSARC staff to prepare and practice your message and increase comfort with sharing your story.

Speaking opportunities can be added to your resume, and KCSARC staff can provide professional references for your participation.

What kind of opportunities are available?

  • Participating in outreach opportunities.
  • Sharing your story with elected officials.
  • Giving media interviews.
  • Participating in a podcast or webinar with KCSARC staff to help others learn.
  • Sharing a quote or story in writing, on video, or as an artistic expression.

At this time, this program is open only to former or current KCSARC clients over age 18.

Ready to get started?

Please complete and submit the application below. We’ll be in touch to follow up!

Speakers Bureau Application

Information you provide will only be viewed by KCSARC's Speakers Bureau staff and will help them respond to your application.
Are you a current or former client of KCSARC?(Required)
Speakers Bureau is specifically available to people who have accessed crisis response, legal advocacy, therapy and/or family education services at King County Sexual Assault Resource Center.
Are you 18 or older as of today?(Required)
KCSARC's Speaker Bureau program is currently open to people aged 18 and over.
Are you a current resident of King County?
KCSARC's Speaker Bureau program has some opportunities available to former clients who reside outside the region; however some opportunities are limited to speakers in our service area.
KCSARC's Speakers Bureau staff may use this information to contact you regarding your application.
KCSARC's Speakers Bureau staff may use this information to contact you regarding your application.
Your selection here does not limit your future participation to only that. It simply helps us get a sense of what you're passionate about!

Question prompts for Speakers Bureau applicants

The following questions are designed to help us better understand the message you want to share in speaking out against sexual assault. Everyone is different and there are no wrong answers. Please share what fits for you, and feel free to skip any questions that don't particularly resonate with you.

Thank you!

Once you hit submit, your application will go to our Speakers Bureau staff. Please expect to hear from them shortly.

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