Did you know April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM)?

Did you know April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM)?

Prevention is SAAM’s 2017 theme and throughout the month, we’ll raise public awareness with tips, stories, and facts about sexual assault prevention across our social media platforms. Preventing sexual violence starts with having early conversations about consent, healthy relationships, boundaries, bullying, and negative gender stereotypes with the youth—and friends, family, and co-workers—in our lives.

Be sure to follow us on your favorite social media platform throughout the month! Some items shared will include:

  • How to start conversations surrounding sex, relationships, values and safety with teens and adults on Instagram;

  • Articles and tips for teaching young children consent, how to be a better listener, and how to create a safe space for others, on Facebook;

  • At-a-glance information from partnering sexual assault agencies throughout the region and nation, as well facts about sexual violence’s impact on our culture on Twitter;

  • Articles about preventing sexual assault in the work place on our LinkedIn Page.

Help us raise public awareness by liking and sharing favorite posts and tweets to educate others in how they can prevent sexual assault by changing the conversation and challenging stereotypes.

Want to make a consistent impact in the lives of youth in our community? Make a recurring $25 monthly donation to KCSARC and bring sexual assault prevention resources to schools, teams, and youth groups to start these conversations right now.

By changing the conversation, we can stop sexual assault. Thank you for being a part of these conversations throughout April and 2017.


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