BEST STARTS FOR KIDS is a great start for all of us

BEST STARTS FOR KIDS is a great start for all of us

Woo hoo!  When I woke up on Wednesday morning I was thrilled to see that Best Starts for Kids kept its lead in Tuesday's elections and passed!

This proposed levy is 14 cents per $1,000 of assessed property value. It is estimated that is will raise about $65 million per year and cost the average King County property owner $56 per year. While I know we all talk about the need for prevention and early intervention for children and families, and how early prevention reduces costly intervention and human tragedy down stream, it’s another thing entirely to tax ourselves in order to fund these services.

And yet we did that yesterday.

This investment will be well spent. Fifty percent of the revenue will be invested in strategies focused on children under age five and pregnant women, such as home visits for new parents and their children. This will include a modest investment to sustain and expand parent/child health services that are delivered through the County's public health centers. The science and evidence shows us that the earlier we invest, the greater the return for both the child's development and our society.

A portion of the first year's levy funds would be used to create a youth and family homelessness prevention initiative modeled on a successful pilot implemented by organizations serving survivors of domestic violence.

A lot of hard work and political equity went into making Best Starts a reality. Kudos to Executive Constantine for the genesis of the idea and for putting his putting his political capital to work- along with many other leaders throughout King County.

KCSARC was one of the many organizations that actively supported this effort. In a previous blog, I detailed all of the reasons we supported the levy but it comes down to the fact that its mission aligns with ours.  Best Starts will support services and programs that help children and families recover from the trauma of sexual assault. Research shows that untreated child sexual assault can have long term and costly repercussions. Substance abuse, youth homelessness, sex trafficking, additional mental health problems, inability to work, and challenges in maintaining healthy relationships are frequent outcomes of untreated trauma.

Thanks to all the organizations who endorsed, campaigned and got the message and the votes out.

Ultimately, it was all the voters who made this initiative a reality so that we have a healthier, safer and stronger community.

Thank you.


Huge round of applaud to

Huge round of applaud to KCSARC organization who really worked actively to support the deals with the kids for their development. Best of luck to the leaders of the King County.

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