Best Starts for Kids

Best Starts for Kids

Best Starts for Kids

Earlier this summer the KCSARC Board of Directors voted unanimously to endorse Best Starts for Kids. Here's why:

Early intervention and prevention of additional trauma makes financial sense: Best Starts will support services and programs that help children and families recover from the trauma of sexual assault. Research shows that untreated child sexual assault can have long term and costly repercussions. Substance abuse, youth homelessness, sex trafficking, additional mental health problems, inability to work, and challenges in maintaining healthy relationships are frequent outcomes of untreated trauma.   

Mitigating the impacts of trauma through specialized trauma focused therapy for children and support for parents at KCSARC costs on average $3,350 (2015 costs), compared with a national average lifetime cost per victim of child abuse of $210,012.1

Prevention of sexual violence works when we involve the whole familyParents are the foundation to a child’s recovery and Best Starts will fund programs giving parents the tools they need to support their child through this process. Because untreated child sexual abuse increases the likelihood of additional sexual assaults in adulthood,KCSARC provides individualized education and coaching for parents to understand the impacts of  the sexual assault and reduce the risk of future assaults.

Prevention of violence at the community level needs stable funding: Not only can Best Starts support families in mitigating the impacts of sexual assault, but it can support prevention programs that benefit our communities. Sexual assault and other violence prevention programs are costly and take time, and because of this, efforts have been sporadic and inconsistent throughout the County. Best Starts can provide a predictable funding source for needed programs.

For these reasons, KCSARC is actively supporting Best Starts, and I urge you do to the same. Ballots go out mid October and are due November 3rd.


1Fang, X., Brown, D., Florence, C., Mercy, J. (2012) The economic burden of child maltreatment in the United States and implications for prevent.  Child Abuse & Neglect, 36:2,156-165.


Best Starts seems to be the

Best Starts seems to be the best thing every happened for the assaulted kids! definitely its going to make a change in the live of many.

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