'Being able to have a conversation about sexual assault is a big step forward.'

'Being able to have a conversation about sexual assault is a big step forward.'

We asked Anna Moore, a longtime KCSARC supporter and community advocate, about the changes in conversation surrounding sexual assault, what people can do help prevent violence, and why she is such a strong supporter of KCSARC’s mission.  

What do you think has changed for the better in the public's perception about sexual assault?

I think that general awareness has increased. There is more outreach being done in the community, there is more media/social media attention about the issue of sexual violence.

For so long this was a hidden issue, and it’s finally out in the open. I’ve been able to have more conversations with my friends and family. Sometimes I find people are nervous to talk about it, but they seem to be open to learning more. A common reaction is they feel powerless and there is nothing they can do, but I let them know that just being able to have a conversation alone already is a big step forward.  

What do you think remains the biggest challenge in the public's perception about sexual assault?

It still is an issue many people are uncomfortable talking about and acknowledging that it happens in their community. There is less of a stigma now surrounding sexually assault, but we still have a long way to go.  

What do you think is the #1 thing a person can do to help prevent sexual assault?

Prevention starts with how people choose to behave. They need to model a behavior, such as respecting boundaries, so that others can learn from them. People need to continually be aware of the issue and not be afraid to have a conversation about it.  

People can also educate themselves about the effects of trauma. I think there is a general lack of understanding with trauma and the personal healing journey each individual goes through on their road to recovery.   

Why do you support KCSARC?

The number one reason I am a supporter is because I am a sexual assault survivor myself and this issue has impacted me, my family, and my community. It's an issue I am passionate about and wherever I have lived I have sought out organizations dealing with sexual violence. 

Mary Ellen Stone is an amazing leader in our community. She speaks about sexual assault in a way that makes people understand. KCSARC doesn't stop trying to tackle this issue – they identify the problems and barriers and come up with unique solutions that cater towards different populations in our region. 

I am proud to support KCSARC. I feel appreciated as an advocate and as a donor!



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