'I have learned so much about the pervasiveness of sexual violence and about strength,' at the 2018 BE LOUD Breakfast

'I have learned so much about the pervasiveness of sexual violence and about strength,' at the 2018 BE LOUD Breakfast

Angela is a dedicated KCSARC supporter. She began attending our annual BE LOUD breakfast in 2009, and continues to be a passionate advocate for ending sexual violence. We asked her a few questions about the BE LOUD Breakfast in anticipation of the upcoming event!

What have you learned about ending sexual violence from attending the BE LOUD Breakfast?

I have learned so much from the BE LOUD Breakfast—about the pervasiveness of sexual violence, about survival, and about strength. I have learned about all the services that KCSARC provides—from help navigating the legal system, to emotional support, to educating our communities, our law enforcement, and our judicial team.

I was shocked to find out all of the ways that KCSARC helps our communities because, before learning about KCSARC, I had no comprehension of the multitude of services one might need when confronting sexual violence.

No one, absolutely no one, deserves sexual violence. I love what KCSARC is doing to provide education and support with a commitment and dedication to ending sexual violence.

Volunteers at KCSARC’s 2017 BE LOUD Breakfast. 

I love that KCSARC includes so many people from our community in their efforts, including detectives, judges, volunteers, and advocates.

What can members of our community do to help in this mission?

The number one thing we can do is to talk about sexual violence and provide a safe place to talk about sexual violence, especially for those that have been affected.

We need to educate our children (boys & girls!), our neighbors, our friends, our families, and our communities about what sexual violence is and its impact.

If you’re ready to join me in this work, please register to attend KCSARC’s 2018 BE LOUD Breakfast. I hope to see you there!

Angela and her husband and are originally from Indiana and have lived in Seattle for almost 20 years.

She loves being outdoors, hiking, yoga, reading, and traveling. She recently started working at Expedia and really enjoys being in an industry that helps people learn about other cultures.

And, lastly, she is particularly fond of her two 7-year-old cats.  


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