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2018 Elections

KCSARC’s advocacy work on behalf of survivors puts us in a unique position to understand what laws and rules are – and aren’t – working in their best interests. We’ve examined policies that could improve rates of reporting and prosecution of sexual assault, such as extending and simplifying Washington’s statute of limitations, and ensuring rape kits are tested. 

We asked all King County candidates for WA State Senate and House to share their positions on these and other policies we consider priorities. Linked below are all responses received to date from candidates who will appear on the November 6, 2018 ballot.

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Dist. 1, House

Debra Blodgett
Shelley Kloba

Dist. 5, House

Paul Graves
Chad Magendanz
Bill Ramos

Dist. 30, House

Linda Kochmar
Kristine Reeves

Dist. 31, House

Victoria Mena

Dist. 32, House

Diodata Boucsieguez

Dist. 33, Senate

Karen Keiser

Dist. 33 House

Mia Su-Ling Gregerson

Dist. 34, Senate

Shannon Braddock

Dist. 34, House

Joe Fitzgibbon

Dist. 36, House

Matt Dubin
Gael Tarleton

Dist. 37, Senate

Beth Broadway

Dist. 41, House

My-Linh Thai
Tana Senn

Dist. 43, Senate           

Dan Harder
Jamie Pedersen

Dist. 43, House

Frank Chopp
Nicole Macri
Claire Torstenbo

Dist. 45, Senate           

Manka Dhingra

Dist. 45, House

Larry Springer

Dist. 47, Senate           

Mona Das
Joe Fain

Dist. 47, House

Debra Entenman
Mark Hargrove
Pat Sullivan

Dist. 48, Senate

Patty Kuderer
Rodney Tom

Dist. 48, House

Vandana Slatter
Amy Whalen